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Private Training packages

Train 1-on-1 with Coach Luke in private 1-Hour Sessions at JPF or in your own home!


Fat Loss

(Overall Health & Wellness)

This program is for anyone looking to reduce body fat %, increase muscle mass and  improve their overall health and wellness.


Muscle Building (Strength)

Tailored strength and conditioning program designed to get you to that fitness goal you want to accomplish and establish a foundation to continue your fitness journey afterwards. 

Tactical Conditioning

hybrid athlete program

For those who are looking to get into shape for:

  • United States Armed Forces

  • Emergency Services

  • An active daily lifestyle

This is the program for you!

train with us @ JPF

Come join a team of like-minded fitness enthusiasts and surround yourself with the type of people who are on the same mission in life as you! At Jones Performance Fitness, we believe in improving quality of life!